Wimmer’s Work Carried Forward

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Saint Vincent Archabbey’s history is long and complex, as was detailed in Mission to America, Jerome Oetgen’s fine account. Readers wishing to look at the history of Saint Vincent after that time, may want to look at Always Forward: Saint Vincent Archabbey 1949-2020, which brings the history of Boniface Wimmer’s foundation to the present-day.

Jerome Oetgen follows up the conclusion of Mission to America, which ended with the disastrous fire of January 28, 1963, adding in new material from the abbacy of Denis Strittmatter (1949-1963), and tracing the story of the Saint Vincent monastery, parish, seminary, college, prep school, and scholasticate in Latrobe through archabbots Rembert Weakland (1963-1967), Egbert Donovan (1967-1979), Leopold Krul (1979-1983), Paul Maher (1983-1990) and Douglas Nowicki (1991-2020).

Always Forward  received a third place award in the 2021 Catholic Press Association Book Awards history category.

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