Boniface Wimmer did more than found Saint Vincent Archabbey. He was a missionary, a founder, a monk, an archabbot. He gave Saint Vincent a direction and momentum that is still felt in the present-day.

He felt a call to serve the missions in America, was denied, yet persisted.

This website was created in honor of the bicentennial of his birth, 2009. It serves as an archive for reflections written about him in years previous, in the book: Saint Vincent—A Benedictine Place; from those who have studied him for many years, such as author Jerome Oetgen; from Benedictine leaders who have been influenced by him, such as Notker Wolf.

Please take a moment to read some of the articles about this Benedictine Place, about his history and heritage, even some of his letters. Visit virtually some of his foundations in America on the links page.

“Forward, always forward, everywhere forward!”