People Plant Trees

Published by Saint Vincent Archabbey Public Relations on

Wimmer Wednesday

“People plant trees although they are certain that the fruit will benefit only the next generation. Should we think only of today and tomorrow? The Lord has provided for our needs so wonderfully and so quickly, should we not confide in Him still more? Must we measure everything with the yardstick and constantly have the rules of arithmetic before our eyes?
“In all this I do not wish to dictate or blame anyone–puer ego sum [I am a mere child]–but the condition of things urges me to speak. The harvest is ready, but there are no laborers. Have the railroads been built only for shipping bales of cotton or transporting sacks of sugar, and not for sending missionaries? Let us not become isolated or transfer this work to others. We belong to the whole world. Ita in universum mundum! [Go into the whole world! Mark 15:16]”

Munich, July 22, 1843

Letters of An American Abbot