Our Highest Calling

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Boniface Wimmer, in a letter to young theologian in Germany in 1849:

“I have outlined the road you can travel one day in the land of your hopes. Our Order has the task of serving the German Church in America, that is, for the time being, but not exclusively. It is understood, of course, that as Benedictines, it is our highest calling to live the Benedictine life. Education and ministry derive then only from that. Of course we need energetic men, but good Benedictines even more than learned persons. It would certainly be very desirable if you and your friends would come over to us some day as well educated theologians. It would be no less desirable, though, if you would already come now and, full of good will and a good disposition, would join actively in building up the spiritual aspect of the monastery, and, by your zeal strengthen, enliven, and promote the zeal of the novices.”

—Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B.

—From Boniface Wimmer, Abbot of Saint Vincent in Pennsylvania, translated by Dr. Maria Von Mickwitz and Father Warren Murrman, O.S.B., editor.