I Will Not Rest

Published by Saint Vincent Archabbey Public Relations on

Wimmer Wednesday

“For a long time I have given much and even daily thought to this journey of mine. I understand all the difficulties: local, physical, and moral. I have also often considered that it would be presumptuous to think of forcing oneself on God as if one had a missionary vocation. I have not forgotten to ask Our Lord with prayer and pleading whether my underlying motive might not be to escape from obedience, or the desire to become a superior myself. Yet I have never to my knowledge been plagued by these ambitions. On the contrary, the result of my soul searching is always the same: my poor, forlorn countrymen stand before me and call for help. I should and want to help as best I can. I desire to go–as firmly as can be desired–with several others or alone, whichever is possible and convenient. I will not rest until I have succeeded.”

Munich, October 29, 1845

Letters of An American Abbot