The Birth of a Butterfly from a Protestant’s Eye

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In the beginning…
St. Vincent is only a view, a lovely panorama from my home.
St. Vincent is a cloistered place where few women dare to tread.
St. Vincent is a New monastery forbidden but for a few.
A place for bread…and German nuns serving food.

The beginning of the awakening…
St. Vincent is a theater where creativity abounds.
The Basilica provides beauty beyond my imagination… a
Christmas splendor… a Messiah performance… an awesome
place for weddings and funerals.
The communities began to blend. The panorama comes alive.
Students, female, too, bring life to this lovely, serene
place… a place to be recognized…to be stimulated
through knowledge… through the arts.

And now…
St. Vincent is a true part of our community without losing
beauty, dignity, or purpose.
I feel a part of St. Vincent, as can all who choose to be.
I love St. Vincent and its stimulating people. I am pleased to have experienced the birth of this beautiful
God has blessed us all.

Diana B. Kreiling

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