A Meeting With The Pope

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Wimmer Wednesday. … he gave me a sign to take a place opposite him, which I did, though I continued standing. The pope called me “abbate” and asked me what language I preferred to speak, Italian or Latin. I chose Latin because I am more acquainted with it, but he continued questioning me in Italian, so I answered in Italian as best I could. He was in very good humor and very kind in his treatment of me, like a father. He even spoke about our beer affair and said that the retail trade would not be for the best. I answered, referring to what is allowed in Germany, and said that I was not so much concerned about the fact but rather the principle and was now satisfied since Rome had sent instructions and I now know where I stand. I said we stopped [brewing] at once and since then are drinking fresh water. Whether we can keep it up is another question. At that, he laughed heartily saying, “Yes, yes, St. Paul wrote to Timothy to use mixed wine for his weak stomach. Water alone would never do on a permanent basis.”

Rome, July 2, 1855