A Day In Italy

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Wimmer Wednesday

“We rise at 6:00 am and meditate from 6:30 to 7:00 am. Then we have Prime and Masses. Breakfast (a little coffee or chocolate) follows and then work. At 11:00 am, a high Mass is sung by the choir. Tierce takes place before this, Sext and None afterwards. At noon, we have soup, a little meat, very good vegetables, hard-boiled eggs. After the meal, I have a cup of black coffee and a little weak wine with water in the community room. At 1:00 pm, we take a little siesta, and at 3:00 pm, we have vespers, sung by the choir. (The little students, some of whom are only nine years old, sing along.) After this, we take a walk. At 9:00 pm, we have the evening meal, after which we recreate for 15 minutes. At 10:45 pm, all go to bed. We have readings at meals and silence in the corridors. My bed is a straw sack.”

Rome, April 9, 1855

Letters from An American Abbot