One Cannot Remain Still

Published by Saint Vincent Archabbey Public Relations on

Wimmer Wednesday

“If you have intelligence, you must put it to use. One cannot remain still. You must move forward, venture upon new enterprises even though it means taking great chances, with this difference, however, that to cover for any failure, provision must be made that all will not be lost or that the consequences may not be disastrous for other people. In religious matters, there is the same frenetic activity that characterizes the life of the people. We see signs of religious activity springing up everywhere: cathedrals and seminaries, hospitals and orphanages, monasteries and convents, educational institutions and of course churches and schools. One cannot say that Catholics here are lagging behind other groups. Rather, they are far in advance if you consider the meager resources at their disposal. The big question is, who appeals to the young, up-coming generation in such a way as to have a rightful claim on it?”

St. Vincent, July 4, 1853

Letters of An American Abbot